Shin-etsu Microsi Silicone Heatsink/processor Thermal Compound Paste Syringe And Chemtronics Chempad Cp400 Combo
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About This Product
• Shin-Etsu Microsi Silicone Thermal Compound X23-7783D
• Chemtronics Electronics Wipe CP400
• Wipe Size - 760mm x 1020mm
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About this item

Shin-etsu Microsi Silicone Heatsink/processor Thermal Compound Paste Syringe and Chemtronics Chempad CP400 Combo

Product Description

Shin-etsu Microsi Silicone Heatsink/processor Thermal Compound Paste Syringe -
1. Excellent thermal resistance (TR) and thermal conductivity (TC)Excellent thermal resistance (TR) and thermal conductivity (TC)
2. Low viscosity at the time of application, easily applied via dispensing, stencil printing, or screen printing methods
3. Table homogeneous mixture for consistent thermal performance RoHS and REACH Compliant
4. High volume production product from a proven industry leader Available worldwide through established supply chain networks
5. X23- 7783D thermal interface material improves performance by enabling packages to run cooler without sacrificing reliability

Chemtronics CP400 Chempad Alcohol Presaturated Wipes 91% -
Presaturated Wipes are general purpose lint-free cleaning felt wipes that are super saturated with 91% isopropyl alcohol (IPA). They are excellent for general purpose cleaning of computers, office and laboratory equipment. These highly effective cleaning wipes are ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces, fiber optic connectors, electronics components, touch keypads, keyboards, instrument housings, and magnetic tape heads. Chempad® quickly and safely removes handling soils, dirt and oxides from PCB’s, mechanical / electrical assemblies and other electronic equipment. Chempad® is especially effective in removing ink and permanent marker.
Features & Benefits
Contains ultra pure blend of 91% IPA/9% deionized water
Thick, non-abrasive, wiping pad
Solvent evaporates completely, leaving no residue
Non-abrasive, safe on plastics
Ideal cleaning wipe for field service of computers, office equipment and electronics
Cleans dirt, oxides, and oil from optical and magnetic tape heads
Ideal for cleaning computers, office equipment, fiber optic connectors and instruments, and electrical equipment
Cleans dirt, oxides and oil from magnetic and optical heads