Return & Refund Policy 

By accessing, using, or creating an account on "City of Spares" the customer acknowledges and warrants that this policy document was carefully read and understood and that this policy document is contractual and not mere recital, and is sufficient consideration for the same.

All products available on may not have the same return and refund policy. Kindly check the products and their return and refund policy. The customer/user may also contact the support executive at for any help or information on the return or refund policy.

It`s advised to read and understand the return policy and refund policy before making a purchase on any item from, as it can impact the customer`s ability to return or exchange the product purchased from COS.


  • Timeframe for returns: allows customers to return products within 7 working days from the date of purchase. Products returned after the 7-day time period will not be considered for return.
  • Condition of the product: The product should be returned in its original condition with all accessories, manuals, and packaging.
  • Reason for the return or refund: The customer will be eligible for a refund or exchange, depending on the reason.

Only if the reasons for the return or refund are among the following, would be accepted:

  • Damaged or defective product: If the product received is damaged or defective, the customer can request a refund or return. This can include products with missing parts or accessories, products that are broken, or products that do not function properly.
  • Incorrect product: If the customer receives a product that is not the one ordered, then a refund or return can be requested.
  • Dissatisfaction with the product: If the customer is not satisfied with the product that has been received, then a refund or return can be requested. This can include situations where the product does not meet the customer’s expectations, is of poor quality, or is not as described.
  • Change of mind: If the customer has changed his/her mind about the product, in that case, a return and refund can be requested. This is usually allowed within 7 working days from the date of purchase, under a few conditions, such as the product being unopened and in its original packaging with all accessories, manuals, and packaging.
  • Shipping costs: The customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping the product back to
  • Exceptions: There are several exceptions under which the products will not be returned or refunded. These exceptions are as follows:

  • Damage caused by the customer: If the part/spare has been damaged by the customer, such as by dropping it or spilling liquid on it, the product will not be eligible for return or refund.
  • Unauthorized modifications: If the customer has made unauthorized modifications to the computer spare, such as by opening the casing, cover, or any other thing, or installing non-approved software, the product will not be eligible for return or refund.
  • Damage during shipping: If the spare was damaged during return shipping, the customer will need to file a claim with the shipping company rather than return the product to COS.
  • Product incompatibility: If the customer purchased a spare (s) that is not compatible with their specific needs or software requirements, this will not be a valid reason for a return or refund.
  • Time limit for returns: Returns or refunds claimed by the customer after a period of 7 working days from the date of purchase will not be considered or eligible for the claim.

It`s advised to carefully review the specific return and refund policy before purchasing laptop spares to ensure that you are aware of any exceptions or limitations.